Why I will go back to #LitmusLive
Date: August 22, 2016
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Last week, I attended The Email Design Conference (TEDC), probably better known as #LitmusLive these days, and was really impressed.

I figured I would meet some new people, learn some new tips, and head home inspired with some Litmus swag. What I didn’t expect was everything else. Not only am I inspired, I’m motivated. I didn’t just meet new people, I made new friends and connected with the community. And I didn’t just learn about email marketing, design and development, I breathed it.

At the Welcome party, I played corn hole with some of the Litmus engineering team, who builds/maintains the platform we all know & love. (Thank you Movable Ink!) The next day, I listened to Andrea Mignolo kick off the conference with a presentation that I already can’t wait to watch again. I took full advantage of the photo booth and enjoyed the party with speakers from my some of my favorite presentations. (Shameless name drops: Logan Sandrock, Austin Woodall, Russell Patton.) Wednesday morning, I wished that maybe the conference started an hour later to accommodate my err.. lack of sleep we’ll say.. Then at breakfast I realized I wasn’t alone. (“Where was your parental guidance last night?”) I embraced the idea of “email speed dating” and found some like-minded matches. I shared meals with people from all over the country and got booted out of a seriously intense Connect Four game. (I’m looking at you, Eric & Kevin.) Oh and perhaps most importantly, I was there when Litmus announced it’s partnership with Microsoft.


I now fully understand what people mean when they refer to “the email community”. Every person attending had a passion for email. From strategy and analytics, to design and build; the presentations taught me about new tricks and different ways to look at things. They were engaging and interactive.  And perhaps the best part, not one of them was a sales pitch.

The accessibility of the speakers was another pleasant surprise. Rather than having vendor tables for networking with companies, Litmus had speakers set up at tables which created a more casual environment for conversation. I was able to walk right up to any speaker and ask follow up questions from their presentation. That free flowing type of networking also allowed me to mingle and meet other attendees.

Towards the end of the conference, Justine said something that really caught my attention. She was just about to remind us all of the survey’s when she made mention of something else. She pointed out the fact that #LitmusLive does not have an app (or an online survey) during the conference. For those 2 (or one if you’re not in Boston) days the object is to be “here” in the room, engaging with the people and events around you. I loved this philosophy and really think it adds to the event. Don’t get my wrong, search the LitmusLive hashtag and you’ll see we did quite a bit of posting, but overall, it really made a difference. Instead of checking my phone to see what session I’d attend next (and possibly.. probably getting distracted by an email or a text), I grabbed my agenda and talked to the people around me.

Also, random note, hats off to Litmus for their quick & dirty survey strategy. Pretty much everyone hates a survey but when the prize for filling one out is a free shirt it’s not so bad.

Needless to say, I highly recommend this to anyone in the email field. Beginners, experts and everyone in between. Looking forward to 2017, Litmus!



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