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Date: March 4, 2016
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Welcome to Work In Progress posts! Ever look back at something you did a year ago and hate it? Or maybe a month ago? Digital design changes so frequently that I’m always doing and redoing designs. Things that may have been great last year don’t work so well this year. Likewise, trends are fickle.

These posts are meant to be short & sweet little observations that I’m making along the way. They’re likely based on nothing I’ve researched, per say, just things that I’m noticing that are causing me to think (and likely to revise!).

Having recently upped my Twitter game.. AKA, starting a “professional” Twitter, rather than using my “personal” account to stay up-to-date with hockey.. I’ve really gotten into social images.

There are thousands of tweets on my feed every day so I try to be very aware of what actually catches my eye.

And, of course, as I’ve been doing this I’ve been annoying the crap out of my team talking about it!

What sticks out the most to me are supplementary images, not banner ads. What I mean by this is images that compliment the tweet, not repeat it.

The image draws me in and then the tweet gets me to click (or not).

Keeping that in mind, we’ve been designing our social images a little differently than before.

Here’s what we used last year for a webinar series:


Title, date, time, speaker, sponsor and series logo. That’s a lot of information to consume at a glance and it’s likely that people didn’t bother. Even if they did, I’d bet half of that was said again in the actual tweet. See the disconnect? My team wasn’t considering the tweet text at all.

Here are the banners we’re using to promote the series this year:


Three things on this one. The webinar category (or main topic), our logo and the date. Very easily digestible and it’s intriguing. Disruptive e-Commerce, Monday the 14th? Tell me more.

I’m happy to say I really enjoy this minimalistic update!



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