5 Feelings All Email Geeks Can Relate To
Date: January 26, 2016
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This past week I got hit with round 2 of the office bug. That’s right, round 2! I didn’t want to write a poorly written post (mixed with sneezes, coughs and half thoughts) so instead, I’m going to re-post a fantastic, relatable piece from Litmus.

True Life: I Send Email As Part Of My Job »

It’s definitely worth a read for anyone who has a hand in building or sending emails as John describes feelings and situations you will be all too familiar with. What’s great is he also includes tips on how to ease the pain and create a better process!

“Sending too many proofs” is one item the post touches on. John talks about sending proofs and then checking them on every device/mail client with every person around. In my daily workflow we send/receive a ton of tests too. Here’s a few tips on how we try to lighten the load and make the process a tad less cumbersome.

Proof Team. We send proofs only to the team members who have a part in the content, event or promotion. This way we’re sure that the people reviewing the email are familiar with the actual copy/images. They’re our best bet at making sure the email is relevant, not only to the content, but also to the audience.

Breaking It Down. Each person is aware of their primary job on the proof. One person checks links, another checks dates/times, another checks the body, etc. Of course, should you catch an error in someone else’s field you should speak up! But it helps to break out the responsibility so everyone isn’t just skimming the content.

Templates. When possible, we use templates. These templates are thoroughly tested before we send out email proofs to the team. From a design/build standpoint, this helps out a lot. By the time we get to the proofing stage with the edit team we’ve already tested the email structure in multiple email clients.

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