What’s a Digital Experience Director?
Date: December 29, 2015
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I recently got a big promotion at my company, G3 Communications. To the outside world we’re a digital media firm that specializes in B2B marketing. We have a team of writers/editors, designers, marketers, sales people and admin that contribute to our internal publications and our Content4Demand (C4D) brand. We are unique in that we focus solely on the B2B world.

To us though, we are often more like family than coworkers. We encourage one another to do better, to continue learning and to push the boundaries. We are creative and collaborative. And, like most families, from time to time, we argue. Outside of the occasional debate over being too “PC” or whether Starbucks is better than Dunkin, we are mostly arguing our passions. As an employee, I find that to be one of the best characteristics of this company. We are all able to bring new ideas to the table and make a push for what we think is best based on trends, analytics, best practices, etc.


A couple weeks ago, I got called in to a meeting for my performance review and was excited to have a conversation about where my position was headed. I was even more excited to find out that I was being promoted to the Digital Experience Director.

When I started at G3 there was no digital design team. I was brought on by two fantastic people, Allie (Creative Director) and Mike (Director Of Marketing). No big deal. I had come to this job with a world of knowledge about email design and coding and I was eager to get involved in web design/development. Initially, my job was to create emails and banners for content our internal brands were promoting. Before I knew it, I had redesigned and rebuilt all our templates and was beginning to create templates for clients of C4D. As I had hoped, I was also diving head first into web design.

Two short years later I am the Digital Experience Director. I hit the jackpot when we hired Evan about 6 months ago and was able to turn some of my attention to “bigger” ideas. I’m now working in many different digital mediums. Using HTML/CSS and JS, I build emails, traditional landing pages and microsites. I have experience in interactive content platforms like Ceros and SnapApp. I work with PHP developers to create robust custom assessments. (Hitting the jackpot again with the most reliable, easy to work with freelancer.) At this point, I am well versed in B2B digital content and marketing.

Andrew (my CEO and fellow NJD fan) brought to my attention that very fact and the unique position it puts me in. I’m not just a digital designer or a developer. I’m a little bit of both (and more!) in a niche area.

So, what is a Digital Experience Director? It’s someone who is comfortable coding and designing custom content but also ready and willing to work on established platforms. It’s someone who can think in terms of high level process and timelines. The “DED”, as we’ll call it, is a person who continues to learn and bring new ideas to the table.

In addition to those things, she’s someone who started a blog to give some tips, tricks, ideas and more to the rest of the B2B designers, developers and everyone in between!

Stay tuned B2B world..




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